Scale your analytics teams with experienced engineers

We offer assistance through teams of skilled professionals specializing in analytics and project management for maintenance and operations. This guarantees early value and sustained success over time.

Development Agility

Quick and on-demand access to data and analytics teams and professionals

In record time, we mobilize analytics and data professionals on-demand. Each team and professional is proficient in creating models, products, and analytical features that seamlessly integrate with existing tools.

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Optimize Key Resources for Greater Efficiency

Focus on what matters your business and operation

Our team of professionals is ready to support you in various innovation initiatives, allowing your team to maintain focus on your business. We assist you in tackling new challenges with top-notch analytics and data management professionals applied to maintenance and operations.

El Match Perfecto

Discover teams and profiles that align with your specific needs

We ensure to provide teams and profiles that align with your needs, culture, and technically accelerate your challenges, building confidence and delivering results on time. We support profiles such as:

AI Project Manager
Data Scientist
Data Engineer
DataOps Engineer
BPM Engineer

We are a partner that helps you implement and develop solutions for your mining assets

Expand your analytics capabilities across all your assets, data sources, and model development