An AI-powered platform to predict and extend capabilities around maintenance operation

X-Analytic is an AI-powered maintenance platform that offers predictive and extended capabilities for maintenance operations, enabling you to optimize your maintenance processes and minimize downtime

Failure Prediction

Predict equipment failure with accuracy and take proactive actions

Our AI-platform delivers advanced predictive capabilities to help you prevent equipment failures before they occur. By analyzing vast amounts of data and leveraging advanced AI algorithms, our platform can predict potential equipment failures with a high degree of accuracy. This enables you to take proactive measures to prevent downtime, minimize maintenance costs, and maximize equipment uptime.

RUL Estimation

Plan maintenance schedules proactively, reducing costs while maximizing equipment uptime

We deliver advanced capabilities to accurately estimate the remaining useful life of your equipment.  Our platform can provide you with accurate and reliable estimates of when equipment will need maintenance or replacement. This enables you to plan maintenance and replacement schedules proactively, minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and maximize equipment uptime.

Anomaly Detection

Identify, alert and address potential anomalies and risks in real-time

By identifying unusual patterns we can alert the potential risk in real-time and take immediate actions to address the issue and prevent any negative impact on the business.


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