Strategies for implementing analytics models that take your maintenance area to the next level

Strategy consulting and actionable analytics model development that help you, your team and organization go through the digital transformation journey.

Strategic Consulting

Cocreate a tailor made roadmap

Through out years of experiences in mining maintenenace, we've developed a proprietary framework to assess your areas, tools and models, and work together to come up with a specific roadmap and working plan around your maitenance area.

We start by evaluating your feasibility, at no cost!

In just 4 weeks, we confirm the feasibility of achieving your specific goals and estimate the potential impact based on your data

We assess your current state and set objectives

We review the integrity of your data and conduct an analysis of the current state of your ecosystem assets to align with your business objectives.

Training from the beginning for all users

We teach all team members on concepts, approaches, and tools used for the development of applied analytics to maintenance

We design together a customized strategy and roadmap

Considering the current state and relevant business objectives, together we develop a strategy and roadmap that bridges gaps
8-Week Challenge

Solve specific challenges in 8 weeks

Let's address a specific problem or opportunity and create the certainties you need to start developing the solution you require and the benefits you seek.

Pre-built Modules

We accelerate your results through pre-built and adaptable modules

We accelerate your results with modules that we have developed after years of experience with clients and also as users. Each module can be adapted to your specific needs.

We are a partner that helps you implement and develop solutions for your mining assets

Expand your analytics capabilities across all your assets, data sources, and model development